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This site is not updated anymore - SEEurope has a new home:

Taking the opportunity -

Workers' participation at board level
in the European Company (SE)

SEEurope is a project conducted by the European Trade Union Institute for Research, Education and Health and Safety (ETUI-REHS) and co-funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation

Since May 2007, the SEEurope network has moved to - The gateway to information on worker participation issues in Europe, a new online service of the ETUI-REHS.more

As from 8 October 2004 companies may set up a European Company (SE).

Find information on

such as
Information on the transposition process
Frequently Asked Questions on the European Company (in EN-FR-DE)
Existing sytems of board-level representation in Europe (in 5 lang.)
ETUC statement on the entry into force of the SE legislation (10/04)
Database on existing European Companies (SE)
Substantive European Works Council agreements
Country reports on board-level participation in the new member states

The ETUI-REHS is financially supported by the European Community.

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